Project wins major funding

Locating buildings with a magnetometer survey

The Charax Spasinou project has been awarded funding by the UK government’s Cultural Protection Fund. The grant will enable us to record the ancient city over the next three years, and  to survey other archaeological sites in the surrounding area.

The Cultural Protection Fund is administered by the British Council, in partnership with the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. We are thrilled to be chosen for one of these prestigious awards.

Report 2016

This year we started an exciting new project at the ancient city of Alexandria-on-the-Tigris/Charax Spasinou, located in Basrah province. The city was founded  in 324 BC by Alexander the Great and later became the capital of the kingdom of Characene and an important trading port. A report on our work, available in English and Arabic, can be read below.
English version           Arabic version