Heritage Protection

Iraq’s cultural heritage has been going through devastating times. Armed conflict has brought deliberate as well as accidental destruction of major monuments, sites and museums. War damage is only one of the threats: industrial development, construction, agriculture, weathering and neglect are among the others. But Iraq is one of the richest countries in the world for ancient heritage, and there is much more waiting to be found, as well as many known cultural assets in need of protection.

Illegal excavation of one of the towers along the town walls

At Charax Spasinou our work will concentrate on identifying and documenting the archaeological remains. This is a necessary first step. We shall also be examining other ancient sites in the surrounding area, of which several are known to exist. With this information, and working closely with the State Board for Antiquities and Heritage, we shall be able to develop a management plan to ensure a sustainable future for  Alexander’s last city.